Example: Touchless.ai running on top of self ordering application by MENU Technologies AG

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Touchless.ai sits on top of any touch UI software, and transforms every tap into an easy to use voice interaction. Whether it’s for self-ordering or self check-in, Touchless.ai delivers near-perfect accuracy in even the noisiest of public places.

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Touchless That Truly Works

Voice: The best way to go touchless

While there are several options for keeping kiosks open, only voice delivers a natural, frictionless customer experience that lends itself to larger basket size and higher satisfaction.

* touchless.ai voice solution reduces your operational TCO of sanitization and social distancing compliance

The most accurate of all voice solutions

The most difficult places to achieve clear, accurate voice recognition are noisy, crowded environments. And yet, this is exactly where kiosks live, right next to one another, adding even more noise from their own speakers. touchless.ai was specifically designed to solve that, using advanced technology that delivers crystal clear accuracy even in those busy public areas.

Avg. transactions with 1 or less drop per 10 voice taps

Speech recognition WER results under 5dB and multi-speaker environment

The Benefits of Touchless.ai

Drive More Conversions

Attracts more customers, increases basket size and keeps them coming back by making kiosks safe and comfortable to use

Delight Customers with Touchless Voice

Delivers users an accurate, familiar and convenient experience that they’ll love even more than touch

Prepare for The Touchless Voice Future

Equips your kiosks to meet today’s challenges, while preparing them for the voice-enabled world of tomorrow

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Make any kiosk Touchless easily

Using proprietary UI-scanning technology, Touchless.ai rests on top of any kiosk software, identifies every touch element in the interface and automatically converts them into accurate voice interactions. No complex software integrations needed.







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