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Our journey started with Hi Auto, where we invented a speech enhancement technology that isolated speech while eliminating all background noise, delivering unparalleled voice recognition accuracy. After focusing on the automotive and mobile phone industries, we realized the potential of voice was much greater than we originally thought.

Voice is the original human interface. It’s the most natural way we interact with others. So why can’t our regular digital interactions like self-ordering at a restaurant or self check-in at an airport be as simple as just saying what we wanted? The problem is the noisy environment. Voice recognition technologies could never achieve the accuracy needed to deliver a smooth, enjoyable experience in loud public areas within multi-speaker environments, or with kiosks placed one next to the other.

Enter We took our revolutionary tech and designed it to deliver crystal-clear accuracy even in the noisiest public environments. enables businesses to instantly upgrade their digital kiosks to a natural, seamless, voice experience their customers will love. Now more than ever, we see it as our mission to give today’s businesses the Touchless technology needed to keep the kiosk experience safe, and empower businesses to continue thriving.

Leadership Team

Zohar Zisapel

Acting chairman

In the last few years Zohar has co-founded and was the initial investor in some of Israel’s leading automotive and cyber startups including LIDAR developer Innoviz, automotive cyber developer Argus (acquired by Continental), deep learning chip developer Hailo, and Adallom (acquired by Microsoft to lead its cyber effort).

Prior to that, Zohar co-founded the RAD group together with his brother, and among his roles were CEO of RAD Data Communications, chairman or director of NASDAQ trading companies Ceragon Networks Ltd., RADCOM Ltd., Silicom Ltd. Lannet, Amdocs, and many other private companies.

Prior to founding RAD Group, Zohar served as head of the elite Technological Unit of the Israeli Intelligence Corps and received the Israel Defense Prize.

Roy Baharav


Roy Baharav returned to Israel after living 12 years on the West Coast of the U.S., where he designed and launched Google’s advertising solution for retailers and led the highly competitive Google remarketing growth business. Prior to Google, Roy was a Co-Founder and CEO of SeamBI, a pioneer of Dynamic Product Placement. Prior to that, Roy served in senior positions in an elite intelligence unit in the IDF, including commander of a department of 40 engineers and technical experts.

Roy also sits on the board of SleepRate, the leading consumer app for sleep monitoring and treatment, and on the board of the U.S. non-profit organization UpStart labs.

Roy holds BSc. in Electrical Engineering and MBA, both from Tel-Aviv University.

Eyal Shapira


Eyal is a seasoned tech leader with over 18 years of cutting edge software R&D experience. Prior to Hi Auto, Eyal was a Co-Founder and CEO of Mr. Miyagi, a startup building an AI chat-based private tutor for teenagers. Before Mr. Miyagi, Eyal was an independent SW consultant for major hardware tech companies such as Intel, Broadcom and Texas Instruments.

Eyal is a graduate of the IDF Talpiot program and holds a BSc in Physics, Math and CS magna cum laude from the Hebrew University.

Eyal started his career in the elite Technological Unit of the Israeli Intelligence Corps where he led an R&D department. For his work he received the Israel Defense Prize in 2007.

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